Bamboo floors

Bamboo floor from EXCLUSIVE DESIGN collection is harder than oak floor and traditional maboo floor performed in standard horizontal layout.

The hardness of our bamboo flooring is obtained by pressing under enormous pressure bamboo slats arranged vertically.

Floor has not characteristic to standard bamboo floors traces of annual increments, which increases its aesthetics.

A unique advantage is 10mm thickness, which in combination with the Click assembly gives you possibility of quick and easy self-assembly in floating system

Floors EXCLUSIVE * Design Bamboo Click H10

Is highest quality flooring made from bamboo fibers. It provides original and unique design appearance, particularly appreciated by people who want to stand out, interested in a new trends and appreciate the environmentally friendly lifestyle. The main advantage is a very high hardness, the floor is 100% harder to oak floor. There is no characteristic ordinary bamboo flooring traces of annual increments, which delights the floor watching her appearance and even for a moment, not thinking about the material from which it was made. A unique advantage is 10mm thick, which in combination with the assembly to click gives you a quick, hassle-free and self-assembly floating floor system (without adhesive). Thanks to its strengths, floor EXCLUSIVE * Design can be used in living rooms, halls, banquet halls, offices, offices, hotels.

We offer 25 year warranty for this product.

  • Glossy : 22 degrees
  • Board dimmensions (length/width/thickness) : 1840 x 92 x 10mm
  • Package: : 14 boards / 2,37m2